炸金花技巧十大禁忌:Ethics and Integrity

北京快三助手 www.nsg5.cn In 2005, the Croda Vision was set out as a statement of six values inherent to the Croda business, against which the policies and procedures of Croda must be carried out:

  • To remain an independent Company and operate as one global team.
  • We will remain a ’fun’, lively, stimulating and exciting place to work, where all employees have the courage to question, and all functions and individuals are valued.
  • There will be a place for many styles of leadership, but all leaders will have as their primary objective to build other leaders.
  • We can only achieve our goals through excellent and constant communication, creativity and setting clear objectives at every level.
  • We will continually improve.
  • We will continue to be an ethical and responsible company.

Since its inception, the Vision has remained unchanged but has become the underlying statement against which all social, economic and ecological policies and procedures are aligned with. Every new employee is given a copy of the Croda Vision and Group policies are available on Croda's company intranet, Connect.

We manage our business across the triple bottom line, as a product or service can only be considered truly sustainable when the demands of economy, environment and society are met. We will continually strive to align our operations with this strategy in the following ways:

  • Invest in truly global and profitable innovation to drive long-term growth and business sustainability.
  • Continue innovating our products and technology platforms, and responsibly manage our raw materials and supply chains, so that we continue to minimise our environmental impact.
  • Set consistent safety and environmental impact standards across our global operations, in order to provide a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Value a diverse and inclusive workforce and provide tailored development opportunities to enable all employees to reach their full potential.
  • Ensure fair and equitable employment conditions, providing a stimulating working environment based on respect and partnership.
  • Be sensitive toward the communities in which we operate and proactively involve ourselves in local initiatives, with a focus on community education projects relating to the nature of our Business.
  • Go beyond compliance to work, where relevant, with legislative and industry bodies, as we strive for demanding standards that reduce environmental and social impacts and improve quality.
  • Use all available, relevant media to develop open and transparent communication pathways with key stakeholders to help address our Material Areas.

Each Material Area in our sustainability programme has a long-term objective and clear management framework detailing strategy, performance management and implementation responsibilities.

We have a Code of Conduct that outlines the high standards to which all of our employees are expected to conduct themselves, and a Group Code of Ethics that details standards we follow to conduct business in an ethical manner.

We have developed economic performance policies and indicators in areas such as finance, risk management, acquisitions and disposals with significant issues in these areas are communicated to all employees. Furthermore, the authority to act in any area of economic importance in the Group is detailed in a freely available document, which explains at what level of the business specific decisions should be made.

Our environmental performance is monitored and externally audited against the ISO14001 environmental management standard and in 2010 all of our global manufacturing sites were certified to this standard. We have also implemented the ‘12 Principles of Green Chemistry’ in each of our research and development centres across the Group, and developed our own 13th Principle. These principles guide the development of new products in such a way that reduces waste, improves efficiency and ensures that our new products are as sustainable as reasonably practicable. 

It is the policy of Croda International Plc to conduct its business at all times and throughout the world with honesty and integrity. In the Croda Vision the Company has pledged that, "we will continue to be an ethical and responsible company."

 In case of uncertainty in interpretation, employees should seek clarification from their line managers. All employees have the right to make confidential reports direct to the Company Secretary of Croda International Plc at Cowick Hall, Snaith, East Yorkshire DN14 9AA, United Kingdom, without fear of detrimental action being taken against them.

Our policy on whistle blowing allows employees to raise concerns with management about the conduct of others that they consider to be in some way damaging to the organisation or others within it.

The company is committed to the implementation of this policy and to a programme of action to ensure that the policy is, and continues to be, fully effective. The overall responsibility for the policy lies with the main Board of directors, however all staff are expected to comply with the policy and to act in accordance with its objectives so as to remove any barriers to equal opportunity. Any act of discrimination by employees or any failure to comply with the terms of the policy will result in disciplinary action.

In 2014 we launched Croda SpeakUp which is a Group wide independent reporting whistleblowing hotline and website, which further enhanced our whistleblowing policy and procedure. Croda SpeakUp is designed to ensure anonymity, whilst increasing employee comfort and willingness to challenge and report important issues. In North America, the roll out was combined with the additional workplace cultural training across our operations.

Please visit our company policies page to read our Group policies.

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